Kontakti radnika obezbeđenja iz ex-Yu koji traže posao na Bliskom Istoku

1. Bojan Tomašević

Profesija: Security Guard

Education and courses :

-Medium Technical and Technological 

-School "Milentije Popović" Smederevo

Education: Middle school degree III level metal cutting

Additional knowledge and skills :Course for firefighter tested ( 2003rd year)

Fire Rate and State exam of the MUP of Serbia ( of 2006. year)

First aid and protection ( of 2008. year)

Passed the examination for knowledge of Arms pistol - type Revolver ( 2006god . )

Conscription : Disused Sep98 / 99

Knowledge of languages : English solid knowledge of the Russian language sufficiently solid voice communications.


Broj telefona: +381604391628